Make & Mend


One way of being sustainable and eco friendly is definitely repair and alter the clothes you already have.
Rather that throwing them away, have a think if there's anything that could be done to it to keep it going?
Less consuming means less waste!

I do alterations and repairs in my studio 7A Fishergate, NR3 1SA. 
Please send me a message to arrange appointment as my working hours vary a lot.

Here is couple of things to keep in mind before you bring your clothes:

*I don't do leatherwork.
*Please bring only clean clothes to be altered.
*You can purchase for example zip beforehand and also unpick the broken one.
This will save a lot of time from me and will reduce the price.
*My turnaround time depends on what needs doing and if I need to order materials.
I don't have a stock of zips etc. I only purchase them when needed.

Please contact me in any questions! Use the contact form here, or email
or message on social media or message/whatsapp 07539222135. Unfortunately I can't usually answer phonecalls.



* These prices don't include the zip, it will be added on top.
Or you can provide your own zip.

Trousers £15
Jeans £15
Skirts from £10
Dress zip from £20
Coat zip rom £30
Heavy duty coat zip £40


Shorten £10-£15
Lengthen with tape £14
Shorten with turn ups / vents £14
Blind hem (hand sewn) £14
Take in / let out waist £14
Take in jeans waist £20
Taper £18-£30
Patch £7-15


Shorten (unlined) from £15
Shorten (lined) from £25
Shorten hand stitch from £30 
Shorten full length skirts and dresses from £30
Skirt waist & hip tailored from £25
Dress take in side seams (unlined) from £20
Dress take in side seams (lined) from £25
Lift shoulders (unlined) from £20
Lift shoulders (lined) from £25


Shorten sleeves £15
Taper £20-£25
Shorten length from £10
2x darts £10


Shorten sleeves £25-£35
Shorten sleeves from shoulders £50
Lengthen sleeves from £35
Jacket shorten £30-£35
Shoulders taken in from £30
Jacket sides tailored £27-£35
Coat shorten from £35

*For re-lining please ask for a quote.


Shorten from £90
Take in from £90


Cushion cover with zip up to 40cm £14-£18
Cushion cover with zip up to 70cm £18-£25


* indicates required