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KatriK Design is an independent, sustainable and ethical one woman brand based in Norwich, UK.

It is run by me, Katri itself. My roots are in North Karelia, Finland and by moving and traveling around I found my heart, home and family in Norwich.

I have worked as a freelancer for various designers in Tampere and London in the past and gained lot of experience about sewing, pattern cutting and running a business.

My visual eye and creativity formed by my lifestyle and passion for punk rock music and it’s ideology and individuality.

I have gained a lot of valuable life experience by working for interesting people, playing in punk bands, touring and traveling, studying, making music, art and crafts. Having that do it yourself -attitude didn't leave any other choice than start my own business where I can work with my own terms.

Materials I use are often leftovers, off cuts or recycled materials like bike inner tubes. All products are cut and sewn individually and for this reason you may find only one of each piece.

All KatriK products are handcrafted in an eco-friendly and cruelty-free process in my studio based in Anteros art foundation, Fishergate, Norwich.

Sustainability and ethical values are one of the main aims of KatriK Design alongside unique and quirky pieces of wearable art.

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